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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your training style?

Positive reinforcement is the name of the game.  We use treats and other motivators to shape the best behavior from your dog.  That could mean teaching new behaviors, replacing existing ones, or defining the right boundaries for your dog.  Each dog receives a customized approach to maximize results.

Which types of animals does LianaFit Canine Conditioning train?

Liana has over 14 years of experience training dogs and cats.  However, she also knows that conditioning does not discriminate between most species, and would be open to the challenge of training any animal if it means helping her fellow DC residents.

What does LianaFit Canine Conditioning do differently than others in your field?

Many dog trainers know that force-free positive reinforcement is the best approach when seeking long-lasting results. What many of them don't know, is how to translate this information to other humans!  Unlike the average dog trainer, Liana's people skills allow for effective communication and proper execution of scientifically-based techniques, so pet guardians can continue to see behavioral improvements beyond the training session.

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