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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your training style?

Positive reinforcement and nonaversive methods.  We use treats and other reinforcers to shape the best behavior from your dog.  That could mean teaching new behaviors, replacing existing ones, or defining the right boundaries for your dog.  Each dog receives a customized approach to maximize results.

Which types of animals does LianaFit train?

Dogs, cats, birds, pets with special needs, and any other animal!  If it has a brain, positive reinforcement can help.  LianaFit is up to any challenge, so contact us with special requests.

Why LianaFit?  What makes you different?

Unlike other trainers, LianaFit uses science-based techniques to empower pet guardians with the knowledge necessary to create well-trained and obedient dogs.  This means that LianaFit clients understand the scientific principles that drive behavior, becoming expert handlers and problem solvers who continue to see behavioral improvements beyond the training session.

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